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Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 9:14 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 04 Jun 2008 Posts: 133 Location: Leek, Staffs.
All Ages in Camden for all your punk stuff, Rough Trade WEST, Sean Forbes/ Fat Bob works there, tell him Juice/ Drunken Sailor sent you, he will give you the best spots for what you want. There is also a killer Thai food spot near his shop.
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Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 9:17 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 08 Oct 2008 Posts: 614 Location: Chicago!
Sick, thanks man, I'll be sure to hit those spots up! Best of luck with the Brexit stuff.

The man formally known as black hole gunnary. http://facebook.com/tallPatRecords
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Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:57 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 04 Jun 2008 Posts: 133 Location: Leek, Staffs.
3 records all up in the store today to PRE-ORDER (Should ship around the 9th September)

Dark Thoughts - ST LP

With 10 of 12 tracks coming in under two minutes and the band making minimal use of chords, you could easily be misled into thinking you've heard this album thousands of times before. But actually, you haven't.
Dark Thoughts finds some separation from the pack that’s linked above by virtue of being effectively straightforward in a genre that tends to grow stagnant whenever anyone’s foolish enough to attempt the feat. So many bands have tried and failed miserably at songs that are frequently (and unfairly) categorized as Ramones-core and while Dark Thoughts certainly embraces an archetype, it does so with an infallible mixture of venom and pure feeling.
Every song on Dark Thoughts would be a worthy single but the record functions its own standalone entity as well; Dark Thoughts is a sublime piece of insanely well-informed genre work that skews as close to Fix My Brain as it does Rocket to Russia

First 100 on Red Vinyl, comes with instant download.

Listen HERE

Next up, the second solo record from Sadie Switchblade (G.L.O.S.S.)

Dyke Drama - Up Against The Bricks LP
Dyke Drama seems to be Switchblade’s outlet for songs of the stirring and heartsick variety, and she navigates through punk anthemics, Replacements-core pointedness, and countryfied storytelling with ease.
The album opens with “Rolling Tears”, starting with an acoustic guitar and changing pace suddenly, setting the mood for the record. She opens up about her relationship struggles in “Crying In A Bathroom Stall,” showing uninhibited emotion as she sings about coping with heartbreak: “I dunno how I’m gonna live, how I’m gonna live through this” and shares her feelings towards cis women and their lack of understanding in “Cis Girls”, saying “You say I’m second to none, like I ain’t second best.” The album ends with “Some Days I Load My Gun”, a harrowing acoustic track about contemplating suicide

First 100 on Blue Vinyl, comes with instant download

Listen HERE

Tough Tits - Hairless 7" EP
Shouty, synthy punk band from Newcastle upon Tyne.


Originally released on Frux Tapes, we are proud to team up with Frux to bring the songs to vinyl.
Title track Hairless is the best introduction to this band, a bass-led track with a low down and dirty guitar riff underpinning the shouty vocals. There is a vitality to all of these tracks, an urgency in the playing that rubs against the frustration of the words; a sort of weariness with the state of things that broods into anger and action.
Assertive and feminist; raucous, rough-around-the-edges garage punk. Check out the songs and an interview on Noisey HERE
300 on black vinyl, comes with instant download.

We have loads of stuff in the works, next up is LIQUIDS - Hot Liqs LP, Color TV - Demo 7", The Cowboys - ST LP, Adult Magic 7" EP.
New stuff in the distro all the time from Lumpy, Dirt Cult, Dead Broke, Total Punk, Red Lounge, Secret Identity, Sabotage etc etc
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Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 12:48 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 04 Jun 2008 Posts: 133 Location: Leek, Staffs.

Slimy Member are a four piece dark punk act from Dallas, Texas, founded in late 2013. Their name obviously comes from the title of a song on Rudimentary Peni’s seminal “Death Church” LP. Now, Rudimentary Peni are one of the most insanely good bands of whatever genre you want to place them in (Anarchopunk? Deathrock? 80s hardcore punk? None/all of the above?).
Just like their forebears, Slimy Member play a foul, freshly-rotten-from-the-tombs, foetid style of anarcho-deathrock-influenced schizo-punk that is at some points mid-tempo – even downright Sabbath-y or doomy, when it wants to be – and at other times spastic, frenetic, paranoid, out of control.
"Ugly Songs is killer, mean fun, an amalgamation of different sources of darkness, dripped down into a cool-as-fuck record."

Check out the full stream of the LP at CLRVYNT


But it HERE


First 100 comes on Green Vinyl
Comes with instant download.

Still Hot
The Cowboys - ST LP, Color TV - Demo 7", Adult Magic - ST 7", S.B.F. - ST 7"
Next Up
Booji Boys - ST LP (REPRESS), Liquids - More Thana Friend 7" (REPRESS), Pale Kids - Holy Mess 7" (Co-Release with Frux), Violence Creeps 7", Kuken - 2nd LP
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Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 7:24 am Reply with quote
Joined: 04 Jun 2008 Posts: 133 Location: Leek, Staffs.

Debut LP from the Indiana ragers, featuring members of Liquids, CCTV, Big Zit, Ooze, Pentas, Scabs, Pukeoid.

MINE EARS HAVE HEARD THE GLORY OF THE COMING OF THE FRITZ. And let’s face it, with members of Liquids and CCTV on board, you know exactly what you’re getting – and that ‘glory’ is the right word here.

Less Devo-lved than some of their other projects, The Fritz nonetheless deliver the goods you’ll wanna hear: lo-fi ragers, garage schlock, hi-speed songs that barely break the minute mark before they collapse under the weight of the spittle that’s gathered in the corners of their frothing mouths. This is the manic energy of dudes that are too smart or too dumb or both, and it’ll make you wanna head to Indiana immediately so you can scream at ‘em to play and play and play until you or they can take no more.

The Damned dancing on a circular saw? Booji Boys writing hoax hostage notes to their own parents? The contents of your own rotten soul, drunk and pissed-off and hilarious and brilliant at 45rpm? The Fritz may remind you of all these things. Mostly, they are likely to remind you of why you fell in love with railing against the world in the first place, and they’ll shred your speakers while they do so. Now let’s go spraypaint their name on the town hall before the cops come.
Will Fitzpatrick.

First 100 on Yellow
Comes with instant download

Stream it
Buy it

Impotentie - Demonstratieve Opnamens 7"

Punk – like beer, coffee and films about people in space fucking each other up with laser swords – is an uncomplicated thing. So why do so many people get it wrong? We get it, you have frills you wanna throw in, but throw in one too many and you’ve got a holy mess on your hands – or a record that no one gives a toss about.

Luckily, no one told Montreal’s Impotentie, whose punk racket is gloriously straight-ahead, beautifully ugly and a gritty pleasure to spend time with. Ok, it’s not without the aforementioned frills (more specifically, they sing in Flemish… because why not, eh?) but its charms are rooted in the fuck-you-up brutality of hardcore, the fuzzed-out vim of your garage rock faves and a direct simplicity that sounds like the gloopy chaos that comes out when you throw your turntable into a cement mixer. You know, just to see how the records sound inside churning liquid concrete.

With members of Thee Nodes and Omegas on board, you know what you’re getting yourself into here. You can taste the bitterness of service station coffee, smell the beer-soaked floors of crappy dive bars and feel the blown-out bass of rotting PAs – it’s the product of lifers who love the road and it hits home hard. Even if Demostratieve Opnamens (‘demonstrative recordings’) turns out to be the only document this band ever produce, it’s a bundle of energy you’ll wanna drape all over yourself time and again.
Will Fitzpatrick.

Spoiler - Zang
De Paljas - Gitaar/Basgitaar/Trommel

Opgenomen in een slaapkamer
Montreal 2017

"It's the sound of a greyly lit kitchen in some nothing town with pitched roofs and gables, the smell of stale cigars and vinegar and the taste of meat in a tube on moist bread with watery coffee"
-Jonah Falco

Comes with instant download

Stream it

Buy it
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