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Master Control/Tim PopKid
Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:30 am Reply with quote
Joined: 16 Feb 2005 Posts: 724 Location: Truth Or Consequences, NJ
I haven't had a new record out on PopKid in a while, but we've snuck one in right before the new year.

Shoplifters are from Serbia and I think they're great. They put out an album on Waterslide records in Japan last year that was pretty incredible. They found a way to mix the big sound of Big Drill Car with the energy of early 90's UK punk rock a la Snuff.

For the new 7", they've upped their game and while you can still hear those building blocks, to me this sounds like early era China Drum mixed in with some Bob Mould style guitar work. I really like it, maybe you will to, but please - check it out if you can.

You can listen to all 4 songs here:


And if you want to buy a 7" you can do it here:


I also still have some Chestnut Road LPs and Custody 7"s that could use a good home, so check them out if you have the time.


@TimPopKid - http://www.popkid.com
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